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August 25, 2021

Devlog 0 - Hello world, hello Tierva!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Today I'd like to introduce you to my cozy new game, Tierva. A farming RPG inspired by classics of the 16-bit era in a modernized 3D look.

Well, to you it might be new but I've been working on and off on this game for about 3 years now. It all started as a small idea for a relaxing family-friendly game and a reason for me to finally get into the Unreal Engine. Though this isn't my first video game project, this is the first one I'm developing as a single developer with a scope I can hopefully realize.

At this stage, the game is sort of like a vertical slice of a game. I did develop quite a few of the base mechanics and systems but naturally, there is still a lot more work to do and things to implement. Over the last few months I focused on finalizing the visual style of the game instead of further working on mechanics (that's the sort of part) so I could start building a small community around this lovely world. And also to put some pressure on me to stop me from procrastinating and doing other things instead... ;)

So what will you be able to do in Tierva and what sort of features are planned for this game? Let's start with the basics. You'll be able to farm a wide variety of crops on your farm, raise and breed a few animals, you can upgrade your farm, and expand/upgrade your house. There are 4 seasons and a dynamic day and night cycle, a handcrafted world that gradually opens up as you progress through the game. You'll be able to forage and do side activities such as fishing and crafting/cooking. Or interact with the people from a nearby village and form relationships. There will be an upgrade/progression system for the village itself so it expands and changes depending on the player's actions. The game features a character customization system so you can make your player your own. All that, and hopefully a lot more to come. :)

I hope you like the idea for this game and enjoyed the little reveal trailer. I do have a more or less regular devlog planned where I'll go into more detail about each system or aspect of the game but that's about it for now. If you did enjoy it, feel free to join my little Discord community, join my mailing list or follow me on social media to stay up to date.

Until next time, antiReady