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Welcome to Tierva!

Inspired by classic RPG farming games of the bygone 16-bit era, Tierva is a modernized interpretation built in the Unreal Engine 4 with a colorful stylized 3D world.

You've just moved into your very own farm. Take care of your new land, raise animals, expand your farm and explore the surrounding world. Meet the people of a welcoming nearby village and aid the townsfolk so they can prosper and grow as well. For some more information, read the first devlog entry.

Devlog 0 - Hello world, hello Tierva!   &   Announcement Trailer

Build your Farm

Take care of your very own farm, work the land and grow a wide variety of crops.
Raise cute animals such as Cows, Chickens, and Pigs.

Explore Tierva

Explore the world of Tierva from the sea to the mountains. Find interesting new places and you may even discover some secrets.

Make friends

Meet the friendly folk of the nearby town. Befriend them and form relationships. Maybe you'll even fall in love and get married.